What About Me? is a one-of-a-kind book that explores the connections between our ability to provide care for others and our own self-care. Renée Hill Carter speaks with specialists in business and ministry to discover how soul care providers—those who mentor, advise, counsel, and care for others—can stay healthy and whole in the midst of their responsibilities. In this 12-week masterclass experience led by the author, you’ll discover Biblical principles and practical applications that will bring new vibrancy to your soul care and your lifestyle!


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Renée Hill Carter is an award-winning author, writer, encourager, and soul care provider. Her passion and mandate are to instill hope and propel others to dig deep, uncork their dreams, gifts, skills, and passion.

Renée is a teacher and minister who facilitates spiritual development, discipleship, life enrichment classes and is a proponent of Spiritual Formation. She is a Grief Recovery Method Specialist™, certified by the Grief Recovery Institute®. She is also the owner of Mulberry House Creations, which houses her books, albums, and other creative products.  Prior to joining the staff of her church, Renée worked in the corporate arena for 17 years in Marketing at Bell South Telecommunications.


Here is what others are saying about What About Me:

Kathy R Green

Leaders and those who care for the souls of others often times put their own care and well-being on the back burner. What About Me? forces readers to take a deeper look at the vitally important topic of self-care, and staying healthy and whole spirit, soul, and body while caring for others. What I enjoyed most about this book was being able to glean from the wisdom of not only the author, but also a variety of high-caliber leaders who share from their experiences.

Amazon Customer

This book addresses the challenges that many Pastors and other leaders within the church suffer silently in an effort to maintain the perfect behavior the world, as well as the church, expects of them. This book lovingly provides an outlet for Pastors/leaders to deal with these challenges and gives those who love them advice on how to truly love and support them through them.

Amazon Customer

This book has arrived at a needed time. It must be placed in the hands of all people so that the knowledge can be imparted. No one has to suffer in silence but it is what we do not know that hurts us the worst. This book will fill in the missing blanks and provide the knowledge that is needed. We are made up of many parts and our mental health is what suffers the most. It is written in a format that is easy to understand and it is a must read.

Get your copy of What About Me  and join the masterclass to discover a new way to stay healthy as you provide soul care to others.

Join the What About Me? Masterclass and receive a copy of What About
Me?, the What About Me? Workbook, a comprehensive weekly video curriculum, and the opportunity to travel this journey in community with other soul care providers.



Renée discusses the profile of a soul care provider. We learn that, before
we can assist others, we need to ensure that we’re in a healthy place ourselves.
Healing takes place in the context of relationships, and it’s a lifelong process. We learn that the most powerful counseling tool in our arsenal is being authentically ourselves. In order to be a good soul care provider, we need to be tending to our own health on a consistent basis.

The church, as well as specific cultural groups, struggles to acknowledge and address mental health issues. There are practical steps that each of us can take to combat this stigma. Expressing our own grief, pain, and struggles is just one way we can create a safe environment for others to be fully themselves. Ministry leaders in particular face a large stigma; by taking courageous steps to be real with those we care for, we can minimize the stigma surrounding mental health, especially for those in leadership.

As we seek to take care of others, one of the most fundamental disciplines
we need is the ability to tend to our own overall health. This isn’t optional for soul care providers—it’s something that’s simple and essential to integrate into our daily living. It begins small, with daily, intentional choices. When we identify thought patterns, attitudes, and behaviors that don’t serve us well, we can begin to replace them with healthier alternatives.

In this session, we’ll discuss the nuances of emotional health—whose
responsibility yours is, how important emotional health is for soul care providers, and practical tips on how to make sure your emotional health is consistently high. Everyone’s makeup is unique, so everyone’s emotional self-care journey will look a little different; but there are some universal tips that we’ll explore in this session.

We’ll explore the unique perspective of a marriage in which the wife is the one in full-time ministry. For wives who are our front, this session offers important principles that can help us rest, keep priorities straight, and support others more effectively by first making sure our own hearts are taken care of. Marriage is a balance of self-care and taking care of your spouse, which is magnified when one (or both) spouses are in prominent places of leadership.

We’ll explore the importance of depending on someone, just as we provide support and encouragement to others. A soul care provider needs at least one soul care provider in his or her life. We can only fill others up if we’re first filled up ourselves. When we find that person who allows us to show our weaknesses and struggles, we’ll become a better soul care provider to those we serve.

In this session, we’ll explore valuable insights about the perspective shifts
that need to take place in church circles. The church has neglected grief as a topic of discussion, along with a multitude of emotional health challenges, because we’re afraid of facing our own pain; however, it’s only by facing our grief and pain that we’ll become equipped to help others work through their own.

Substance abuse is a prevalent, devastating stronghold in our world today. In this session, we’ll discuss practical ways we can rely on God in our soul care responsibilities, embrace forgiveness, and discover our unique makeup. All of these steps are crucial if we hope to maximize our intimacy with God and our potential as soul care providers.

What does it mean to partner with your church in promoting holistic health
and wellness? We’ll find out in this session. We’ll see that healing happens not only at the altar on Sundays, but in the wellness clinic on Mondays. There are untapped people and resources in every church, just waiting to be used for this purpose.

Pastors’ wives—this one’s for you. We’ll discuss the unique challenges and
opportunities that come with being the spouse of a pastor or church leader. Regardless of our role in the church, we have a responsibility to support our leadership, and be a voice for positive change in our congregations. At the same time, we also have a call to take care of ourselves.

In this session, we’ll explore what sacrificial love truly looks like, and the
fulfillment that comes with it. Only when we fix our eyes on things above can we walk forward boldly into what God has next for us. This perspective change is a lifelong, daily decision to focus not on things right in front of us, but on the truth of God and His Word!

We’ll close our exploration of the soul care provider by looking at the person of Jesus Christ, and how He is the ultimate soul care provider. This is your chance to reflect on everything you’ve learned, identify any action steps you feel called to take in your life, and connect with others who have taken this journey with you.


This limited-time offer will get you enrolled in the masterclass for only  $229  $129!

Here's how the 12-Week Masterclass Works

When you join this journey with me, we will walk together through important biblical principles. You will learn how to be a better soul care provider to others by taking care of yourself in a new way. There are THREE layers to the "What About Me?" Masterclass I want to share with you.

1. What About Me? by Renée Hill Carter: Education

You will receive my book, which contains conversations with some of the most prominent soul care providers in our world today, as well as Biblically-based principles you can use for your own soul care provider journey.

2. What About Me Study Guide: Self-reflection

This companion to my book will help you unpack and personalize the information you’ve gleaned from What About Me?

3. Video Curriculum

Every week, you’ll join me as I share from the Word and personal experience, as well as stories from people who have walked this journey as well. How can we become better, healthier soul care providers? We’ll find out together.


This limited-time offer will get you enrolled in the masterclass for only  $229  $129!

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